Due to the development of new scientific concepts in the field of Energy   and environmental sciences and engineering and Industry in academic circles and its role in the upliftment and development of the country, it is necessary the involvement of ministries, universities, research centers, organizations and public and private companies, scientific societies and other relevant institutions to investigate the importance of different and yet extensive aspects of this topic. The main objective of the conference is to exchange some research and educational information about water industry and environment and also create a strong connection with industry and national and international scientific centers in order to study the optimal management areas of water resources and environment to achieve sustainable development so that it can be taken important steps to preserve Energy resources and the environment for the future generations in line with Article 50 of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the principles of sustainable development.

The technical programme of the International Conference will consist of plenary lectures, lead papers, contributory papers, discussions with scientists, policy planners, representatives from industry and NGO's and a poster presentation.

In the past, this Conference were held seven times, two times in Germany and one time each in Denmark, China, Canada, Japan and Malaysia .The organizing committee invites you and your colleagues to participate in this at the 8th ICS Conference in Iran and communicate your research findings, thoughts and strategies towards a future without hunger and poverty in peace and dignity for all. Your participation will surely enrich the discussion and emerging recommendations in order to act together to reduce hunger and poverty.


                                                                                                                                                  Associate Professor